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Pitch Deck Analysis: Investor ready pitch decks prepared by investors!

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About us

There is no such thing as a “perfect” pitch deck as they always need to be tweaked and amended for the audience it’s being presented to. There is no "one size fits all". We can help you deliver your pitch deck as close to perfect as possible.

At Pitch Deck Analysis, we have built a team of fourteen industry experts who have demonstrated outstanding skills in the startup scene. When it comes to pitch decks analysis, we pride ourselves in our understanding of what VC’s expect and demand, as our team are made up of advisors, seed Investors and VC’s.

We will help you improve slides in your existing deck, revalidate your deck or build a complete deck from the ground up, arming you with a powerful presentation that is visually engaging and effective.

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You know your Startup. We know what is required to get you funded - Pitch Deck Investor
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Why we are different

Pitch Deck Analysis, a company founded in Luxembourg, Europe and is now rooted within the Startup community globally.

To reach your goals

PDA create financially viable opportunities for growing technology companies by formalizing business models and go-to-market strategies based on our knowledge.

Our team comprises of many who've been on the front-line of start-ups and are dedicated to help you unlock your potential.

Preparing your startup

PDA validates and implements financial, marketing and sales strategies for technology companies that must rapidly scale when entering a potentially massive market or are disrupting stagnant, yet profitable spaces.

Preparing startups for funding is one of our premier offerings.

Q & A sessions

We know the key questions you need to answer. We will synchronise you to your pitch deck providing a natural flow to your message.

As we are investors, we prepare you for the Dragon’s Den!

We offer live 1-2-1 chat

Mock investor pitch with real in-house VC’s – presentation tips and feedback. We will ensure you are ready with every aspect related to your pitch deck.

Practise makes perfect!

Why is it so important to collaborate with our Pitch Deck team?


We connect the dots allowing you to utilize your time else where.


Confidence is key when presenting your pitch deck, with nfinitiv you can rest assured the window display to your company is clear & concise


Your idea might be great but how you communicate this is greater.


You may have an "A" idea and a "B" team, let Pitch Deck team portray both are on par.


First impressions last an eternity in the start up world, if you get the chance to present your start-up, make it count.


"Fail to prepare, prepare to fail", practice, practice and practice again with our live call back services.

Pitch Deck Analysis: Investor ready deck analysed by investors!

Nothing is automated; Nothing is analysed by AI; We are humans!

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Who do we help?

Who is Pitch Deck Analysis for?


Early Startups

Who need an investor ready pitch deck and business guidance.


Established Startups

Who are seeking funding from Seed to Series A & B and onwards



Who are facing problems finding the right investors.

When our advisors finish working on your pitch deck and financials, your introduction becomes clear, concise, and compelling. Understand and present what investors are looking for by allowing us to guide you from start to finish.

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Our formula to your Pitch Deck Success

Step 1.
Step 2.
Step 3.

So… how do you get funded? It all starts with creating an appealing pitch deck.

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Our packages we offer for Startups & VC's

Let’s listen to your business Idea!

  • approx. 30min 1-to-1 call
  • Touch on any topic where you are facing the greatest challenge.
  • Understand how to raise funding or tell us your most pressing concerns?

Our investors get on a call and we run though your deck slide-by-slide. You will receive unfiltered, unbiased and honest comments related to your pitch deck.

We will also give you an honest appraisal as an investor whether you stand a chance to get invested.

It's quite likely you have done the basics wrong or there is an issue with your business model. We can get into that if you want. Let’s discuss!



    1. Slide-by-Slide Validation
  • Validation begins with an overview and fresh insights.
  • Approx. 45 min, 1-on-1 call to discuss your existing pitch where our investors will ask question such as:
    *Understanding your offer, defining your audience; Once we understand your offering and audience, we will validate if you are ‘solving a problem’
  • We will validate your funding intentions and requirements
    2. Slide-by-Slide Analysis
  • We will analyse your answers and evaluate them to investor requirements, and identify the most compelling parts of your pitch deck.
    3. Scorecard report – Validation
  • nfinitiv unbiased scorecard is a framework for tracking a comprehensive set of business objectives that can be measured over time. By tracking this data, nfinitiv can help their clients keep long-term strategic goals in focus and spot trouble before it appears.



Did you know that having the right pitch deck design can drastically impact your chances of raising funding?
    1. Slide-by-Slide Education and Questions
  • Education begins with an overview.
  • Questions are then asked about your entire company and funding intentions.
    Example (1): Are you telling a compelling, memorable, and interesting story that shows your passion for the business?
    Example (2): Are you showing that you have more than just an idea, and that you have gotten early traction on developing the product, getting customers, or signing up partners.
  • Investors/VC’s are very busy and looking for a very specific set of criteria, so they need to quickly understand what your company’s about and what you are offering when working to raise a round.
    2. Slide-by-Slide Conversation
  • You will be asked additional questions to capture your business idea and model.
  • Approx. 60 min, 1-on-1 call to discuss your existing pitch deck and what your missing
    3. Slide-by-Slide Analysis
  • We will analyse your answers and evaluate them to investor requirements and identify the most compelling parts of your pitch deck.
    4. Detailed report – investor ready
  • nfinitiv unbiased scorecard is a framework for tracking a comprehensive set of business objectives that can be measured over time. By tracking this data, nfinitiv can help their clients keep long-term strategic goals in focus and spot trouble before it appears.
  • Our investors will prepare a comprehensive business analysis report that is based upon 12 metrics. Focusing on various verticles of within your companies i.e. Sales, Marketing, Business Development, finance and many others.
  • You will get a next step suggestion by Pitch Deck Analysis.



Our clients enjoy what money can’t buy! and that is experience!

  • Whether you are an angel investor group, venture capital firm, family offices, private equity investors, incubators or even accelerators, you need to demonstrate to your Limited Partners that they are making most from their investments.
  • Therefore, the pitch decks must clearly communicate performance results as well as show the right strategies for investing in the right startup businesses.
  • We don’t just provide you a ‘pitch deck’, we ensure it is “investor ready”!
  • Our team comprises of industry experts, who have been in the forefront of startups. Each team member of Pitch Deck Analysis is an experienced entrepreneur in their field of expertise.

Get in touch today to learn more about our investor services and how we can help you.

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3-5 minutes

That is the average time investors spend looking at a pitch deck. You need to make it count.


The average venture capital investor is pitched over 3,000 times a year. The big firms get in-and-around 5,000

We've built startups ourselves and we work in venture capital

Pricing plan

Bootstrapping sensitive!

Let's Talk

  • € 49.00
  • approx. 30min 1-to-1 call
  • Honest appraisal
  • Key observations
  • Outline missing components
  • Clear action plan provided

Let's Validate

  • € 149.00
  • approx. 45min 1-to-1 call
  • Slide-by-Slide Validation
  • Slide-by-Slide Analysis
  • Scorecard report – Validation
  • Report provided
  • Next step suggestions

Let's Strategize

  • € 249.00
  • approx. 60min 1-to-1 call
  • Pre & post call back service included
  • Slide-by-Slide Education and Questions
  • Slide-by-Slide Conversation
  • Slide-by-Slide Analysis
  • Detailed report – investor ready
  • Next step suggestions

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Pitch Deck Analysis processes all bank card transactions using Stripe: stripe.com and Pitch Deck Analysis do not hold any debit or credit card information on our own website: www.pitchdeckanalysis.com or pitchdeck.nfinitiv.com.

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