There is no such thing as a “perfect” pitch deck as they always need to be tweaked and amended for the audience it’s being presented to. There is no "one size fits all". With nfinitiv we can help you deliver your pitch deck as close to perfect as possible.

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About us

At nfinitiv, we have built a team of twelve industry experts who have demonstrated outstanding skills in the start up scene. When it comes to pitch decks analysis, we pride ourselves in our understanding of what VC’s expect and demand because all of our team are made up of advisers, angel investors and VC’s.


Whether its an app related pitch deck or any other area, we will endeavour to give you honest and constructive feedback.


Let nfinitiv customize your pitch deck with clear and concise content that raises the interest levels of those its being presented to.


All industries covered with our extensive team of experts, so let our appraisal reflect your start-up

Why us

What we have to offer:

Investor presentation tomorrow?

Use our “quick fire round” for a quick appraisal on your pitch deck. (6-12 hour turn around).

Q & A sessions

We know the key questions you need to answer. We will synchronise you to your pitch deck providing a natural flow to your message.

We offer live 1-2-1 chat

Mock investor pitch with real in-house VC’s – presentation tips and feedback

Ready as you can be!

Ensure you are ready with all aspects related to your pitch deck covered.

Why collaborate with nfinitiv's Pitch Deck team?


We connect the dots allowing you to utilize your time else where.


Confidence is key when presenting your pitch deck, with nfinitiv you can rest assured the window display to your company is clear & concise


Your idea might be great but how you communicate this is greater.


You may have an "A" idea and a "B" team, let nfinitiv portray both are on par.


First impressions last an eternity in the start up world, if you get the chance to present your start-up, make it count.


"Fail to prepare, prepare to fail", practice, practice and practice again with our live call back services.

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  • Quick fire round
  • Let's Strategize
  • Custom pitch deck



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  • Information are encrypted with AES-256
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  • with nfinitiv, - We will be in contact momentarily as time here is of the essence via email or phone - please note if you have chosen the "quick fire round" a call will be on request only.

Pricing plan

Bootstrapping sensitive!

Quick fire round

  • € 99.00
  • 3 – 4 days turn around
  • Dynamic feedback
  • Key observations
  • Outline missing components
  • Next step suggestions

Let's Strategize

  • € 199.00
  • Quick fire round, plus
  • In-house key elements analysed
  • Report provided
  • 30 min, 1-on-1 call back
  • Regional competition analysis
  • Road map overview
  • Team make up - slide length & overall structure review
  • Next step suggestions including summit recommendation

Custom pitch deck

  • € 399.00
  • Complete re-design of your pitch deck
  • Pre & post call back service included
  • 7 day turn around
  • Entry to independent competition for an in-depth article on your start up on our blog which has extensive readership among VC’s and Start-ups.

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